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How To Join

How To Join

How Can I Join?

You are eligible to join if you are a contractor engaged in the design, fabrication, installation, service, repair, testing and inspection of fire protection or alarm systems. As a member you must employ practices that assure quality installations that are consistent with industry standards.

To join, contact us, your current insurance agent, or any agent of your choice, to confirm eligibility and assist you through the process.

There is a membership fee that is used by the Fire Sprinkler RPG team to stay active within the industry, investigate and share potential loss producing exposures, advocate on your behalf with the insurance companies, and continue to supply new resource tool for our members.

In addition, the fee covers the cost of maintaining the active registration of the Fire Sprinkler Risk Purchasing Group.

The annual fee is due and payable with the initial billing of your insurance policy and is based on your annual revenue. The fee is $750.00 for contractors with sales less than $3million and $1,500.00 for those with sales that are greater.

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