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As a member of the Fire Sprinkler Risk Purchasing Group, you have exclusive access to a library of risk management resources specific to the fire sprinkler industry, as well as a large library of construction industry informational resources and convenient links.

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We work with independent brokers and value that relationship. We look forward to working with you. Below you can find some tools that will help us to obtain the best coverage and benefits for your clients:

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You are eligible to join if you are a contractor engaged in the design, fabrication, installation, service, repair, testing and inspection of fire protection systems. As a member you must employ practices that assure quality installations that are consistent with industry standards.

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$12,000,000 Loss from Inspections Gone Wrong

The moral of this claims story is “Do not take on more liability than you are paid to accept.” For some experienced contractors they already have their own version of this story. Here’s what happened. One of our contractors...

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Building owner insists CPVC system be charged before curing? Get a release!

RelMark Group directs their contractors to follow a minimum cure time of 24 hours for all CPVC work. But what if the building owner...

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A common cause of loss for dry systems is trapped water in piping

The number of claims involving dry systems on the increase. A common cause of loss for dry systems is trapped water in piping. Either the trapped water freezes, resulting in cracked pipes, or the water creates an oxygen-enriched environment for internal pipe corrosion.

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Inadequate cure time generates $550,000 loss claim

What happened? Our contractor was hired to add two sprinklers to an existing system. The location was a small storage room on an upper floor of a residential condominium. A simple job; or so the contractor thought. The fitter made a cut into

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